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Builders and Architects Seminars 20th November 2018

20th November, 2018


8:30am till 3:30pm



On the day two CPD sessions: Builders Seminar and an Architects Seminar 20th November 2018 

Morning – Session for the Builders

Start                Finish               Topic                                                  

8:30 AM          9:00 AM          Dial Before You Dig                

9:00 AM          9:25 AM        Price and speed Containers

9:25 AM        9:50 AM        C R Kennedy                                       

9:50 AM        10:00 AM        Break    

10:00 AM        10:25 AM        Telstra / NBN             

10:25 AM        10:50 AM        ISG Insurance             

10:50 AM        11:15 AM       Safework

11:15 AM        11:30 AM       Quiz


Afternoon – Session for the Architects 

Start                Finish               Topic                                                  

12:30 PM          1:00 PM          Dial Before You Dig                

1:00 PM          1:25 PM        Price and speed Containers

1:25 PM        1:50 PM        C R Kennedy                                       

1:50 PM        2:00 PM        Break    

2:00 PM        2:25 PM        Telstra / NBN             

2:25 PM        2:50 PM        ISG Insurance             

2:50 PM        3:15 PM       Safework

3:15 PM        3:30 PM       Quiz

The venue:


94 Bettington Road (intersection with Ellis Street),

Oatlands NSW 2117

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